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The Institute for Accountable Care conducts research and analytics using Medicare Claims Data accessed through an Innovator Data Use Agreement with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. We have access 100% of Medicare Part A, Part B and Part D claims from 2011 through mid-2020. We have a range of analytic tools to support ACOs in their efforts to improve performance. If you would like to learn more about our analytic services contact us at [email protected].

We conduct a variety of analyses to benchmark your ACO's performance compared with competing delivery systems in your local market. Benchmarking can be customized by service lines, care setting, provider type and sub-market.

We analyze the performance of your employed and independent physician practices based on all Medicare patients (not just ACO patients). We can also benchmark their performance against physician groups that aren't currently in your ACO or clinically integrated network. This analysis helps you identify efficient practices that your ACO or clinically integrated network may want to align with in the future.

We conduct rigorous program evaluations based on clinically and geographically matched beneficiary comparison groups that test the impact of specific interventions based on a counterfactual.

CMS recently raised the QP threshold required to qualify for the 5% advanced APM bonus to 75 percent based on patient revenue and 50% based on patient count. We provide a detailed analysis of your QP score for your ACO and for each participating physician group to help you plan future adjustments to your provider network.

We profile the performance skilled nursing facilities (SNF) in your market to support your development of preferred relationships with high-quality efficient facilities. Our analysis is based on all their Medicare patients (not just your ACO patients) to provide a more reliable estimate of their spending and quality. We also have access to MDS/OASIS assessments and can develop risk adjustment techniques that incorporate patient functional status.

Using an analytic structure derived from a five-year CMS contract to build an episode grouper for Medicare we identify ACO opportunities for improvement across defined clinical domains. We use care episodes to identify opportunities to streamline care, reduce complications and identify efficient specialty practices in your market.

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